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>1970s New York
>2001 : A SPACE ODYSSEY - a final 35mm presentation
>a little Neo Noir
>Abel Ferraras - WELCOME TO NEW YORK
>All This Mayhem
>Arnie All Nighter
>At The PCC : Three Month Special Event Planner
>Beauty & The Beast - Sing Along
>Casablanca - with piano pre-show & free glass of wine
>Cigarette Burns & Psychotronic Cinema presents: THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT
>Classic Film Season
>Coming Of Age... 2
>Death Becomes Her - Quote Along
>Disney-Pixar Pyjama Party
>Dollar Trilogy Sundays
>Drop Dead Fred - a RIK MAYALL tribute night!
>Friday Night Frights
>Friday Nights with John Waters
>Frozen : Sing-Along
>Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Party
>Greg Sestero presents THE DISASTER ARTIST
>In The Mood For A Little Romance
>John Carpenter & Kurt Russell Sundays
>Jurassic Park Trilogy
>Labyrinth Masquerade Ball
>Les Miserables - Weep Along
>Mean Girls - Bitch Along
>Membership Discount Offers
>Miami Connection
>Monty Python - Quote Alongs
>Mood Indigo
>One For The Road!
>Paul Thomas Anderson Retrospective
>PCCs Greatest Hits
>Pitch Perfect - Aca-Along
>PRINCE : Take-Over
>Pulp Fiction - a Bad Motherf**ker 20th Anniversary Party
>Q&A - Audio Archive
>Rock N Roll Nights!
>Sci-Fi Season
>SCREAM Marathon
>Scroobius Pips Film Club
>Sing-A-Long-A Dirty Dancing
>Sing-A-Long-A Events
>Sing-A-Long-A Grease
>Sing-A-Long-A Moulin Rouge
>Sing-a-long-a Rocky Horror
>Sing-a-long-a Sound Of Music
>Spice World - Sing-Along
>Steven Spielberg Sundays
>Studio Ghibli Forever
>Terrence Malick Retrospective
>The Big Lebowski Quote Along
>The Dark Knight Trilogy
>The Grand Budapest Hotel
>The Room
>The Trials of Muhammad Ali - w/ Q&A
>Three Colours Trilogy
>We Love John Hughes
>Wes Ander-thon - a Wes Anderson Marathon
>Why Is It So Important To Dream?
>X-Men Movie-Marathon

Ticket Charges

Debit cards cost 25p per transaction
Credit Cards have a 3% charge.
Internet Booking Fee 75p per ticket

22 Aug 1:00pmWelcome To New York
22 Aug 1:15pmBelle
22 Aug 3:40pmTo Catch A Thief
22 Aug 3:50pmAll This Mayhem
22 Aug 6:15pmWelcome To New York
22 Aug 6:25pmThe Fifth Element
22 Aug 8:45pmDrop Dead Fred
22 Aug 9:00pmMean Girls
23 Aug 1:15pmBeauty and the Beast
23 Aug 3:20pmWelcome To New York
23 Aug 3:45pmMood Indigo
23 Aug 6:00pmThe Grand Budapest Hotel
23 Aug 6:30pmPrince : Take-Over
23 Aug 8:45pmLabyrinth
24 Aug 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
24 Aug 1:30pmMood Indigo
24 Aug 3:45pmThe Grand Budapest Hotel
24 Aug 4:05pmTo Catch A Thief
24 Aug 6:00pmWelcome To New York
24 Aug 6:30pmThe Cat Returns
24 Aug 8:30pmPulp Fiction
24 Aug 8:45pmPitch Perfect
25 Aug 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
25 Aug 1:15pmJoe
25 Aug 3:40pmWelcome To New York
25 Aug 4:00pmJurassic Park Trilogy
25 Aug 6:15pmAll This Mayhem
25 Aug 8:45pmWelcome To New York
26 Aug 1:15pmThe Grand Budapest Hotel
26 Aug 1:35pmTo Catch A Thief
26 Aug 3:45pmWelcome To New York
26 Aug 4:10pmBelle
26 Aug 6:25pmJoe
26 Aug 6:35pmMood Indigo
26 Aug 8:45pmDumb and Dumber
26 Aug 9:00pmWelcome To New York
27 Aug 1:15pmMood Indigo
27 Aug 1:30pmJoe
27 Aug 3:30pmWelcome To New York
27 Aug 4:00pmAll This Mayhem
27 Aug 6:15pmWelcome To New York
27 Aug 6:25pmBelle
27 Aug 8:45pmRear Window
27 Aug 9:00pmThe Grand Budapest Hotel
28 Aug 1:00pmAll This Mayhem
28 Aug 1:10pmBelle
28 Aug 3:20pmWelcome To New York
28 Aug 3:40pmJoe
28 Aug 6:00pmWelcome To New York
28 Aug 6:20pmTo Catch A Thief
28 Aug 8:30pmThe Fall
29 Aug 12:00amSing-a-long-a Grease
29 Aug 6:30pmThe X-Files
29 Aug 9:00pmThe Breakfast Club
30 Aug 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
30 Aug 6:00pmGreg Sestero presents THE DISA...
30 Aug 8:45pmX-Men Movie-Marathon
30 Aug 9:00pmWes Ander-Thon : A Wes Anderso...
31 Aug 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
31 Aug 6:35pmMy Neighbours The Yamadas
31 Aug 9:00pmRaiders of The Lost Ark
01 Sep 8:45pmPunch Drunk Love
02 Sep 8:30pmFILMAGEDDON - A Film Quiz!
02 Sep 8:45pmA Streetcar Named Desire
03 Sep 8:45pmThe Last House On The Left
03 Sep 9:00pmEasy Rider
04 Sep 8:30pmThe Trials of Muhammad Ali - w...
05 Sep 6:30pmTo Live And Die In L.A.
05 Sep 8:40pm2001: A Space Odyssey
05 Sep 9:00pmPolyester
06 Sep 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
07 Sep 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
07 Sep 6:30pmA Fistful Of Dollars
07 Sep 8:45pmThe Notebook
08 Sep 8:30pmThere Will Be Blood
09 Sep 8:45pmTokyo Story
10 Sep 8:45pmShaft
11 Sep 8:45pmThe Last Waltz
12 Sep 6:20pmThe Last Starfighter
12 Sep 8:45pmThe Room
12 Sep 9:00pmThe Howling
13 Sep 8:30pmCasablanca
13 Sep 8:45pmLabyrinth
14 Sep 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
14 Sep 4:30pmMean Girls
14 Sep 6:45pmThree Colours Blue
14 Sep 9:00pmBig Trouble In Little China
15 Sep 8:30pmThe Master
16 Sep 8:45pmThe Night Of The Hunter
17 Sep 8:45pmVanishing Point
18 Sep 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Rocky Horror
19 Sep 6:20pmThief
19 Sep 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Dirty Dancing
19 Sep 9:00pmPink Flamingos
20 Sep 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
20 Sep 8:45pmFrozen : Sing-Along
20 Sep 9:00pmPitch Perfect
21 Sep 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
21 Sep 6:20pmFor A Few Dollars More
21 Sep 9:00pmIn the Mood for Love
22 Sep 8:45pmBadlands
23 Sep 8:45pmVertigo
24 Sep 8:45pmThe French Connection
24 Sep 9:00pmHedwig and the Angry Inch
25 Sep 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Moulin Rouge
26 Sep 6:30pmExplorers
26 Sep 7:30pmSing-a-long-a Sound of Music
26 Sep 9:00pmEvil Dead 2
27 Sep 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
27 Sep 8:45pmPyjama Party - Pixar Edition
27 Sep 9:00pmThe Dark Knight Trilogy
28 Sep 1:00pmSing-a-long-a Grease
28 Sep 6:35pmThree Colours White
28 Sep 8:45pmEscape From New York
29 Sep 8:45pmDays Of Heaven
30 Sep 8:45pmLes Diaboliques
01 Oct 8:45pmLittle Miss Sunshine
02 Oct 6:25pmWaking Life
02 Oct 8:45pmVanilla Sky
03 Oct 6:20pmChinatown
03 Oct 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Grease
03 Oct 9:00pmCry-Baby
04 Oct 5:15pmStill The Enemy Within
04 Oct 8:30pmLes Miserables
04 Oct 9:00pmThe Big Lebowski
05 Oct 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
05 Oct 5:30pmThe Good The Bad & The Ugly
05 Oct 8:50pmAmelie
06 Oct 8:45pmThe Thin Red Line
07 Oct 8:45pm28 Days Later
08 Oct 8:45pmSerpico
09 Oct 8:45pmPink Floyd : The Wall
10 Oct 6:30pmPrimer
10 Oct 8:45pmThe Room
10 Oct 9:00pmAn American Werewolf in London
11 Oct 8:45pmMonty Python and the Holy Grai...
11 Oct 9:00pmPitch Perfect
12 Oct 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
12 Oct 6:45pmThree Colours Red
12 Oct 9:00pmEscape From L.A.
13 Oct 8:45pmThe New World
15 Oct 8:45pmThe Cabinet Of Dr Caligari
16 Oct 8:40pmInception
17 Oct 6:45pmDrive
17 Oct 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Dirty Dancing
17 Oct 9:00pmHairspray (1988)
18 Oct 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
18 Oct 8:45pmARNIE All-Nighter
18 Oct 11:30pmScream Marathon
19 Oct 1:00pmSing-a-long-a Grease
19 Oct 6:35pmMean Girls
19 Oct 8:45pmEternal Sunshine of the Spotle...
20 Oct 8:45pmThe Tree Of Life
21 Oct 8:45pmManhunter
22 Oct 8:50pmTaxi Driver
23 Oct 8:45pmThe Blues Brothers
24 Oct 6:45pmThe Ice Pirates
24 Oct 7:30pmSing-a-long-a Sound of Music
24 Oct 9:00pmFriday the 13th (1980)
25 Oct 8:45pmDeath Becomes Her
25 Oct 8:45pmFrozen : Sing-Along
26 Oct 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
26 Oct 9:00pmThe Thing
27 Oct 8:45pmTo the Wonder
28 Oct 8:45pmCreepshow
29 Oct 8:45pmA Nightmare On Elm Street
30 Oct 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Rocky Horror
30 Oct 8:45pmGhostbusters
31 Oct 6:15pmHalloween (1978)
31 Oct 6:45pmTrick r Treat
31 Oct 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Rocky Horror
31 Oct 8:45pmHalloween (1978)
31 Oct 11:00pmHalloween (1978)
31 Oct 11:30pmSing-a-long-a Rocky Horror
02 Nov 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
07 Nov 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Moulin Rouge
09 Nov 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
14 Nov 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Grease
15 Nov 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
16 Nov 1:00pmSing-a-long-a Sound of Music
21 Nov 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Dirty Dancing
22 Nov 8:45pmFrozen : Sing-Along
23 Nov 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
28 Nov 7:30pmSing-a-long-a Sound of Music
30 Nov 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
04 Dec 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Rocky Horror
05 Dec 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Grease
06 Dec 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
07 Dec 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
12 Dec 7:30pmSing-a-long-a Sound of Music
13 Dec 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
14 Dec 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
20 Dec 12:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
21 Dec 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
22 Dec 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
23 Dec 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
24 Dec 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
27 Dec 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
28 Dec 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
29 Dec 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
30 Dec 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
31 Dec 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
04 Jan 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along






Frozen : Sing-Along
X-Men Movie-Marathon
Monty Pythons Life of Brian
Pyjama Party - Pixar Edition
The Dark Knight Trilogy
1970s New York
2001 : A SPACE ODYSSEY - a final 35mm presentation
a little Neo Noir
All This Mayhem
Arnie All Nighter
At The PCC : Three Month Special Event Planner
Beauty & The Beast - Sing Along
Casablanca - with piano pre-show & free glass of wine
Cigarette Burns & Psychotronic Cinema presents: THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT
Classic Film Season
Coming Of Age... 2
Death Becomes Her - Quote Along
Disney-Pixar Pyjama Party
Dollar Trilogy Sundays
Drop Dead Fred - a RIK MAYALL tribute night!
Friday Night Frights
Friday Nights with John Waters
Frozen : Sing-Along
Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Party
Greg Sestero presents THE DISASTER ARTIST
In The Mood For A Little Romance
John Carpenter & Kurt Russell Sundays
Jurassic Park Trilogy
Labyrinth Masquerade Ball
Les Miserables - Weep Along
Mean Girls - Bitch Along
Membership Discount Offers
Miami Connection
Monty Python - Quote Alongs
Mood Indigo
One For The Road!
Paul Thomas Anderson Retrospective
PCCs Greatest Hits
Pitch Perfect - Aca-Along
PRINCE : Take-Over
Pulp Fiction - a Bad Motherf**ker 20th Anniversary Party
Q&A - Audio Archive
Rock N Roll Nights!
Sci-Fi Season
SCREAM Marathon
Scroobius Pips Film Club
Sing-A-Long-A Dirty Dancing
Sing-A-Long-A Events
Sing-A-Long-A Moulin Rouge
Spice World - Sing-Along
Steven Spielberg Sundays
Studio Ghibli Forever
Terrence Malick Retrospective
The Big Lebowski Quote Along
The Dark Knight Trilogy
The Grand Budapest Hotel
The Room
The Trials of Muhammad Ali - w/ Q&A
Three Colours Trilogy
We Love John Hughes
Wes Ander-thon - a Wes Anderson Marathon
Why Is It So Important To Dream?
X-Men Movie-Marathon
Cinema Hire
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