Last April, during the middle of Lockdown 1.0, we issued the challenge to recreate your favourite shot from a film. The results were astonishing! We were completely blown away by all the insanely creative entries into the competition and it ultimately became one of the greatest competitions we've ever run!

Pick a shot from a film, recreate it to the best of your abilities at home, take a photo then email it to us at - oh, and be sure to send the original frame too, so we can see just how good you've done!

Competition closes on Wednesday 3rd February. If we are once again flooded with brilliant submissions, the following week (10th February) we will turn the decision making process over to YOU, with a vote on the Grand Prize Winner!

That lucky winner will be gifted a One Month Unlimited Pass to the PCC when we reopen.. oh, and they'll also be able to bring +1 with them for every trip too!

There just may be some prizes for the Shortlist and Finalists, so be sure to get crafty, get planning and get submitting.

Last year's winner came in the form of this amazing recreation of the shark breaching the water in JAWS submitted by Louise & Matthew!

Do you have what it takes to take home Top Prize?

If you need more inspiration to see what we expect you will be up against, see all the incredible entries from last year below:

 - Plus, see some of the excellent efforts from the PCC team below -

Terms & Conditions: You may enter as many frames as you wish, each one will be given it's own consideration. The 'One Month Unlimited Pass' [pass hereafter] is only valid for use by the person named on the card plus 1 guest. The winner can pick the month which the card is valid for, they must select the month within 12 months of being informed they've won. The pass cannot be used to book tickets more than 24 hours in advance and can only be used on site, over the counter.  We reserve the right to share your entry on our website, across our Social Media accounts and within future mailing list emails.