It's easy to get restless staying at home, and we are in the mood for a new project. So, we would like to hear your best renditions of scenes from - you guessed it - Tommy Wiseau's The Room!

With its intensely dramatic dialogue and irreverent mixture of explosive and robotic acting, it makes for a perfect study into the human condition.

Here's what we would like you to do:

We have chosen three scenes from The Room, the scripts for which are available via this link. We'd like you to film yourself reading lines from one (or all) of these three scenes. You don't have to be dressed up (but you certainly can be), or recreate the shot, we simply want you to deliver the lines to camera (holding your phone vertically). You can do it with friends or read all the lines yourself, totally up to you.

We will then cut together your renditions and make a The Room scene supercut! Get filming, and send your scenes to! You have until Sunday 7th June 23:59 to submit!

See a short example from our staff members below!