Now installed at the PCC we have a Dolby Fidelio is a wireless audio system that delivers both Hearing Impaired (HI) for hard-of-hearing patrons, and Visually Impaired Narration (VI) for visually impaired patrons. The system includes a transmitter which integrates with our digital cinema server. We have currently four transmitters available for free use during performances, these can be set provide an HI or VI stream to both ears, or HI and VI together (one for each ear). This configuration allows the customer the experience they prefer.

The receiver can be used with the supplied plug-in headset, or patrons can bring along and use their own headset/earphones (simple stereo phono plug connector). Users control the volume on the device, allowing them to get the best experience possible.

This means that if we show a digital screening there is a 95% chance there will be a audio description track that can be transmitted for the performance. Please check with the venue before travelling if audio description is available for your chosen screening. Please remember we show 35mm & 70mm film, which there is no audio description capabilities in the venue.

Simply ask the Box Office staff member when you arrive for a transmitter, we will need a name address and contact number, only incase your forget to return the transmitter. Once returned details will be destroyed.

Select screenings  will be presented with Subtitles for Deaf and Hard of Hearing, these will be marked with 'SDH' next to the performance time.

Guide dogs are welcome, although we ask that you sit in the front row to avoid a trip hazard for customers coming and going from the cinema rows.