CEA Cards

An in-date CEA card provides one free ticket alongside a paid for ticket. You can redeem this over the phone by calling 0207 494 3654, or by dropping by in person. Unfortunately we don't have the capabilities to do this online.

Wheelchair Users

We do not have wheelchair access throughout the entire building due to rejections from the council to add in a ramp or stair lift in our stairwell, as it's too narrow. Sadly, the mechanics of the problem make it look like this may never be possible to fix, but should that change we will update this section of the website.

Access at the Prince Charles Cinema

We have a ramp leading into our foyer, where you can purchase tickets and concessions.

From there, there are 20 steps down to the bar. From our bar area there is another ramp leading into the downstairs screen and the screen itself is step-free.

If your film is in the upstairs screen, from our foyer there are 20 steps up and once you get into the screen further steps to each row. If you sit in the back row you can avoid any further steps here.

The bathrooms are only downstairs. The men's is step-free, the women's has one step and a sharp corner that a wheelchair could not access.

All steps are accompanied by a wall mounted railing.


Customers with mobility scooters typically leave them in our foyer, where we have CCTV and staff are present - though this is at your own risk.

If you have a wheelchair we can keep it for you in the locked office (ground floor, where our foyer is) or escort it downstairs for you. The aisles downstairs in the screen can't be blocked so we would have to keep your chair in the back or front corner of the screen - you can request we hold the seats next to those areas for you so you're not separated from your chair.

There's no space in the upstairs screen to store a chair without blocking the exit so if you are upstairs we'd have to keep your wheelchair in the office.

Hearing and Visually Impaired

We've installed Dolby Fidelio at the PCC - a wireless audio system that delivers both Hearing Impaired audio (HI) for hard-of-hearing patrons, and Visually Impaired Narration (VI) for visually impaired patrons. We have four transmitters available for free use during performances.

When in use, the headset can provide a HI or VI stream to both ears, or HI and VI together (one for each ear). You can use the supplied plug-in headphones or bring along your own if you'd prefer. It connects with a typical stereo phono plug. You control the volume on the device yourself.

For our digital screenings, there's a 95% chance we have an audio description track that can be transmitted for the performance. Please check with us before travelling if audio description is available for your chosen screening.

For our film screenings, which you can see listed as 35mm and 70mm, there are no audio description capabilities.


Select screenings are presented with Subtitles for Deaf and Hard of Hearing, these will be marked with 'SDH' next to the performance time. English subtitles are also present for our foreign language films.  

Guide Dogs

Guide dogs are always welcome. We ask that you sit in the front row to avoid a trip hazard for customers coming and going from the cinema rows.


We take cash at one till upstairs at kiosk, where we sell tickets and concessions. All other till points are card only.