Sometimes we have to make some changes to our programme - this is the page to find those changes; be it performance time, screening dates or cancellations.

- FRIDAY 24TH MAY - BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II will now screen at 15:40 (instead of 15:50)

- SATURDAY 25TH MAY - DUNE on 70mm moved to TUESDAY 28th MAY

- SATURDAY 25th MAY - THEY LIVE will now screen in the UPSTAIRS SCREEN

- MONDAY 27th MAY - BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II will now screen at 18:30 (instead of 18:20)

- SATURDAY 1st JUNE - SPIRITED AWAY [Dubbed] will now screen at 13:30 (originally 13:00)

- SATURDAY 1st JUNE - THUNDER ROAD will now screen at 15:50 (orignally 15:20)

- SATURDAY 1st JUNE - BIG LEBOWSKI will now screen at 17.55 (originally 17:35) and in our UPSTAIRS SCREEN

- SATURDAY 8th JUNE - GHOSTBUSTERS will now screen at 20:45 (instead of 15:10)

- THURSDAY 20th JUNE - THE DEPARTED will screen at 20:35 (originally 20:30)

- THURSDAY 27th JUNE - VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED has been moved to 18:00 on the 25th June

- THURSDAY 27th JUE - DO THE RIGHT THING will now screen at 15:15 (orginally 15:20)

- THURSDAY 27th JUNE - MOONRAKER (20:45) has been moved Upstairs.


- MONDAY 15th JULY - THE MATRIX will now screen at 15:05  (orginally 15:00)

- SUNDAY 21st JULY - PERSONA has moved from MOnday 22nd July to Sunday 21st July

There are no other current programme changes.