To all of you,

We are pleased to announce today that we have decided to reopen the cinema with a full programme in October.

For 30 years we have been driven by a passion to bring people together to share the widest possible selection of films in a friendly, enjoyable and fun environment.  

It has been a difficult and uncertain time for us all since we made the decision to close our doors on March 18th.

We are eager to re-open as soon as possible but, as you might imagine, this will be enormously challenging.

The reduction of our capacity by 75% to offer the safest possible environment, however, will hurt us in a number of ways.  It will not only mean an immense financial impact but also that many of most popular events must be temporarily paused.

But we have always aspired to be more than just a full cinema.  To be a place where everyone felt relaxed, welcome and really cared for.

Social distancing or not, we will still offer an eclectic programme supported by staff who are committed to create a safe and friendly space where we can all come together for the unique experience of cinema.

Our aim in reopening is simple – to limit our losses and get through this pandemic while keeping our team together.

That’s where you come in.

We really need you to take action now - buy tickets, buy memberships, buy t-shirts and tell your friends to do the same.

We have been so grateful for your support over the last months and buoyed by your enthusiasm to come back the cinema.  We miss you & keep your eye out for specific film announcements later on Friday.

Be safe, be kind, be well.  

We’ll be back.


COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions!

What Safety elements has the PCC incorporated for the reopening?

The health and wellbeing of our employees and customers is our priority. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and following government advice, we will have the following safety measures will be in place when you return.

       Online Booking only for now, to reduce personal interaction.

       Encouraging contactless payments when on site.

       Staggered film times, to reduce over crowding in the venue.

       Social Distancing measures throughout the venue.

       Enhanced staff training with PPE.

       Hand Sanitising Stations throughout the venue.

       Enhanced cleaning of the venue.

       Socially distanced seating in our auditoriums.

       Protective screens at till points.

       Enhanced ventilation in both auditoriums.

Should I feel safe about returning to see films at the PCC?

       Indeed you should, we are working with local authority and the Independent Cinema Association to make sure we present the safest possible environment for our customers and staff.

       All our staff will need to declare before each shift that they and those they live with, are symptom-free of Covid-19 and have been for a period of no less than seven days. We would ask the same of our loyal customers, don’t attend if you are showing symptoms or you if you live with someone who is.

Will Facemasks be required?

       As per current legislation; if you are able to wear a face covering, you will be required to wear one. All staff will be supplied with face coverings or visors to wear during their shift.

       We are mindful of the fact that there are people who may be less able to wear a face covering due to disabilities and other non-visible health conditions and our wish is to create an environment where everyone feels safe and welcome. Please be considerate of your fellow cinema-goers.  We are supporting the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower.

Will Facemasks be available to buy at the venue?

       No. It is our intention to have branded masks available to buy on our webstore, when arriving on site you should already have a face covering even if collecting a webstore order.

Will you be enforcing social distancing?

       Yes, by law we have to make sure we comply by the Government guidelines.

What will Socially distanced seating in the auditoriums look like?

       We will keep (as per current legislation) a metre plus between you and your group those sat around you in the auditorium. This means in both screens we will be blocking out every other row, and within the available rows there will be a designated two-seat gap placed between each group booking.  

And this is where we'll need a little help from you. Whilst safety is our number one priority when we reopen, we also need to do our collective best to make sure that we're operating at the fullest capacity possible; the future of the cinema relies on our ability to sell as many seats as we can for the forseeable future. So if you're an end-of-row kind of person [like me]. please book the very end seat and not two in - if you book two in, your 1 booking takes out 6 seats. Whereas if you booked the end seat, it's only 3 seats.  If you're looking to book near to where someone else has already booked, use two of their socially distanced seats as your own so there are 2 seats between you rather than 4.  

We understand some of you may not feel comfortable being too close to others and that's okay. As mentioned, to help minimise that feeling of closeness we've removed every other row in both screens - we just ask that if you can take a moment to make sure your booking doesn't knock out too many seat, so we can reach the highest capacity level possible, we'd hugely appreciate it.

What happens to the Air in the Auditorium?

The air in our auditoriums is replaced a minimum of eight times every hour. The air is drawn in through filters that have been treated with X-Mist an atmospheric sanitiser.

During the performance we will also filter the air in the auditorium through our newly purchased Hospital grade air purifiers. The unique aspect of the Rensair air purifiers is that unlike normal air purifiers, they don’t only filter the air in the room, they also have Ultraviolet lamps within the unit that kill Coronavirus. The five Rensair air purifying units that have been purchased at great cost, is one of the ways that make us feel we are going over and above what is expected of us in our efforts to provide the safest possible environment for both our customers and staff. See

Can I book seats at the venue?

       Yes once we reopen only, but we strongly encourage you to book online anyway, as with the massively reduced capacity due to social distancing, we expect many sell outs way in advance.

Will Food and drinks still be available at the venue?

       Yes, the normal line of drinks and confectionery will be available. As queuing might be longer please arrive in plenty of time to purchase your scrummy PCC snacks and drinks.

Will the PCC be supporting the Covd19 Contact Tracing Scheme?

       As per current guidance yes, it’s only basic contact information so don’t be concerned that we share any personal details, as this will not happen on our watch!  If the Government asks they will only be given name, email/phone number if investigating an outbreak.

My Membership ended during the period you were forced to shut, will it be extended as a result?

       Absolutely, no member will lose anytime on their memberships, should they have been ending during our closure or starting during this period. All memberships affected by the closure will be extended to cover lost days.

Refund Policy:

I had tickets booked during your enforced closure can I get a refund?

       Of course you can, email and we will be able to assist.

If one or some of our group is showing symptoms of Covid-19, will we be asked to leave?

       If we have concerns that you or a member of your group are showing symptoms, we would have no option but to request you and your group leave the cinema. We would refund on this basis.

More details will appear here in the coming weeks. If you have any urgent questions please get in touch at