A short while ago we announced that as soon as we are allowed to do so we’d be changing our current socially-distanced seating plan to one which would once again allow full capacity performances.  Two weeks ago we were handed that opportunity and we took it.  

We’ve spent the past couple of weeks discussing internally and listening to your feedback regarding this decision and this, along with the ever changing greater situation outside the cinemas walls, has made us feel like we’d made the wrong choice.

In response to this, on Friday evening our ticketing system was updated so that all performances from today a single seat either side of your booking will automatically be blocked off so that nobody will be able to sit directly next to you.

This side-to-side blocking helps us up our capacity slightly whilst also helping those in the screen remain socially distanced.

As always if you have tickets and this change to our seating plan doesn’t sit well with you, please contact our Box Office Team at - we’ll happily move seats, exchange for vouchers, same as we have done throughout this whole process.

We continue to be blown away by the volume of support and love we have received throughout this pandemic and without it we wouldn’t be here today.

Be Safe. Be Kind. Be Well. Be Excellent to each other.

The Prince Charles Cinema