The Future Change to our Seating Plan

We can’t thank you enough for the incredible support we’ve received since 17th May!

We’re now 3 weeks into our reopening - the longest period of time which we’ve been able to have our doors open since that first shut-down in March 2020 - and it feels so good to be back.  

And though we’re blown away by the many, many, many sold out shows in the programme we can’t rest on our laurels and coast through the coming weeks, we have to start looking at the next phases of our reopening. We need to make sure that we apply the same level of care, attention and transparency as we have to everything that has come before.

With that in mind, we feel the next big obstacle we have to navigate will be the eventual removal of Social Distancing within our screens.

Though at this stage we’re obviously unsure as to when the government will remove or change Social Distancing restrictions, we simply wanted to take this moment to update you all on the impact those forthcoming changes may have on a show you may have purchased a ticket for.

Any performance which takes place from the date of the removal of Social Distancing will have its seating plan switched from the current temporary Socially Distanced one to our full capacity seating plan. 

There’s nothing you’ll need to do at this stage; the screenings will remain allocated so your seat will be the same one you selected at the time of purchase, we will simply be making the other seats in the room available for purchase.

The reason we’re telling you this in advance is that we understand that some of you may not feel comfortable attending a performance which at the time of buying a ticket was for a 97 seater screen, but has since changed to become 300 seats - and that’s totally ok.

When the time comes simply reach out to our team and we’ll be there to offer you a full refund for your ticket/s.  No questions asked.  We simply need to know you want a refund at least 24hours in advance of the performance.

And in an ever-growing show of positivity, we’ll soon be adding a handful of full capacity  shows to our future programme; expect a couple of All Night Movie Marathons and the return of Tommy Wiseau to the PCC.  

If Social Distancing is still in place when these shows will be taking place, they will be cancelled and full refunds offered to every ticket buyer.

We know it's a gamble to put these shows on sale and to hope for the best, but as we continue to work our way out of the darkness of the last year we need to have some full-capacity shows on sale to help restore financial stability for the years ahead.

Thank you for taking the time to read this update. For further questions, please get in touch with our Box Office Team at!

Thank you for the support you’ve shown us.

Thank you for the kindness you’ve shown our staff.  

Thank you for continuing to be the greatest bunch of cinemagoers we could ask for.

Be Safe. Be Kind. Be Well.

The Prince Charles Cinema