LAWRENCE OF ARABIA - Restored 70mm Presentation

LAWRENCE OF ARABIA - Restored 70mm Presentation

Time to be great again: Sony Pictures' Lawrence of Arabia is returning to The Prince Charles Cinema from the stunning new 70mm print, that opened at the BFI Southbank in 2017.

Originally shot on Super Panavision 70, David Lean's multi-Oscar winning opus about the exploits of T.E. Lawrence in the Arab world during WWI is widely regarding as one of cinema's greatest epics; a monumental achievement famed for the scale and scope of its storytelling, its meticulous production design and powerful performances, and Maurice Jarre's impressive score.

This new 70mm presentation restores all of the film's big screen grandeur, returning Lawrence of Arabia to its original format and inviting audiences to experience its all-affecting magic as it was first intended.


250 mins | rated (PG)

  • Directed by David Lean
  • Starring Peter O'Toole, Alec Guinness, Anthony Quinn
  • UK (1962)
  • a 70mm presentation
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