• Directed by William Friedkin
  • Starring William L. Petersen, Willem Dafoe, John Pankow, Debra Feuer, John Turturro,
  • w/ WILLIAM FRIEDKIN Live on stage!
  • 1985 | 116mins | USA | rated (18)

The 18:00 is now SOLD OUT, and did so within a day!!

But don't it fret if you've missed out, because Mr. Friedkin* has very kindly agreed to stick around after the earlier Q&A screening and hold an extended introduction before a 2nd performance at 21:15.

So get your tickets now - this encore show is sure to sell out very fast!


We're extremely proud to announce that Writer / Director William Friedkin and composers Wang Chung [Nick Feldman & Jack Hues] will be joining us live on the PCC stage to discuss all things TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A. Hosting the Q&A will be the one and only Mr. Mark Kermode, rounding out one hell of a night at the movies!

[Yes, we're just a little bit excited about this one]


When his longtime partner on the force is killed, reckless U.S. Secret Service agent Richard Chance (William L. Petersen) vows revenge, setting out to nab dangerous counterfeit artist Eric Masters (Willem Dafoe). Along with his new, straitlaced partner, John Vukovich (John Pankow), Chance sets up a scheme to entrap Masters, resulting in the accidental death of an undercover officer. As Chance's desire for justice becomes an obsession, Vukovich questions the lawless methods he employs.

* Please Note : Only William Friedkin will be on stage to introduce the second performance of TO LIVE AND DIE IN LA, Wang Chung and Mark Kermode are not scheduled to appear for the 21:15 show. The film will be a digital presentation.