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  • Directed by Jonathan Sutak
  • Starring Den Harrow, Tom Hooker
  • London Premiere - DukeFest 2019 Opening Night
  • 2018 | 86mins | USA | rated (18)

DukeFest 2019 opens with a story so outrageous that it can only be true! Delving deep into the mesmerising world of Italo disco, ‘Dons of Disco’ looks at the history of sensational star ‘Den Harrow’ and asks the question ‘Who IS the real Den Harrow?’ in order to expose a scandal so out there, it surpasses Milli Vanilli.

A break-out hit at Slamdance Film Festival, ‘Dons of Disco’ has been travelling on the festival circuit, amazing audiences everywhere and The Duke is proud to be able to bring the film to share with a London audience.

A beautiful examination of the Europe disco scene as well as humane examination of two very different characters, ‘Dons of Disco’ follows Tom Hooker and Miki Chiregato as they both struggle to deal with the outfall of their fame - both men ARE ‘Den Harrow’, one the face and the other the voice and the struggle between them climbs to epic proportions hitherto unexpected.

Both a loving tribute to the Italo-Disco scene and the people behind it as well as a searing examination of human nature , ‘Dons of Disco’ is also laugh out funny with these two charismatic men making you believe that disco never died.

So join Duke on a wave of uncontrollable emotions as we travel to the very depths of time and music to finally find out ‘Who Exactly IS Den Harrow?’