HOUSE OF SWEAT AND TEARS [Casa de sudor y lágrimas]

HOUSE OF SWEAT AND TEARS [Casa de sudor y lágrimas]

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HOUSE OF SWEAT AND TEARS [Casa de sudor y lágrimas]

  • Directed by Sonia Escolano
  • Starring Eudald Font, Haydée Lysander, Pablo Suárez, Pere Roig Brulla, Alzira Gómez
  • UK Premiere - DukeFest 2019 Closing Night
  • 2018 | 104mins | Spain | rated (18)

In an unnamed city, somewhere in Europe, ‘She’ rules her religious cult with a violent streak to ensure they never stray from the path. But a series of unexpected events and a mysterious outsider threaten to tear the fabric of their existence apart with such intensity that even her iron fist will not be able to hold it together anymore. The end will be brutal.

A mesmerising debut by director Sonia Escolano, ‘House of Sweat and Tears’ feels like the love-child of Michael Haneke and Bela Tarr. With a sharp, distinct eye, Sonia crafts a brutal, claustrophobic world where daily humiliation, strange rituals and violent games all keep a group of believers in their routine in the most strict way imaginable.

Highly stylized and deliberately plotted, ‘House of Sweat and Tears’ builds unimaginable tension as it tests the group’s strength by exposing them to a series of unexpected events culminating in the arrival of a mysterious stranger whose gospel is the abject opposite of their leader. Battle-lines will be drawn and no-one will remain unscathed.

An absorbing, entirely monstrous cinematic experience, ‘House of Sweat and Tears’ is the kind of once-in-a-lifetime experience film lovers hope for all-year round. So come and join The Duke at the film’s only UK screening and experience a terror the likes of which that have never been seen on the big screen before.