• Directed by Darren S. Cook
  • Starring James Osborne, A.G. Longhurst, John Altman, Kim Taylforth, Mike McKell, Sidney Livingstone and Robert Putt.
  • World Premiere
  • 2019 | 90mins | UK | rated (18)

Please Note: The ticket price includes entry to Post-Film Reception. Location of Reception to be revealed soon. Please check back for further information.

Lucas and Albert has been written by Robert Putt and A.G.Longhurst and is the first film from their newly formed company Longhurst and Putt Productions Ltd. The Film is based on two characters from the stage play Babysitters also written by Robert Putt and A.G.Longhurst and tell the story of their version of events of what went on from the point of view in Babysitters. They have been hired by Mr Mac a high profile criminal who is on the verge of moving into the major realms of crime and wants the dirty laundry final washed away.

Lucas and Albert looks at the relationship of the two men from their first meeting to the conclusion of the film and looks at what happens over the several days they spend together. Lucas and Albert is a black comedy thriller that twist and turns in varying but subtle ways. With tender moments coupled with shocking surprises that will leave you wondering why?

Shot on location in the Tendering area of North Essex the film was directed by Darren S Cook and made in association with Scruffy Bear Productions.

The film Stars James Osborne and A.G. Longhurst and has cameo from John Altman, Michael Mckell, Kim Taylforth and Sidney Livingstone to name a few. Along with Robert Putt who also makes an appearance.

Running time of 90 minutes with a fresh sound track from ‘Sweet Felicity Arkwright’ along with many other new artist. Lucas and Albert is due for release in September 2019.