• Directed by Joanna Hogg
  • Starring Tom Hiddleston, Kate Fahy, Amy Lloyd
  • 2010 | 114mins | UK | rated (15)

Archipelago is a quietly devastating, frequently hilarious portrayal of a middle-class family in emotional crisis.  Edward (Tom Hiddleston) is preparing to leave for a year of voluntary service in Africa. His mother Patricia (Kate Fahy) and his sister Cynthia (Lydia Leonard) decide to gather the family together, on a remote island, as a farewell trip to say goodbye to Edward.

Hired cook Rose (Amy Lloyd) and painting teacher Christopher (Christopher Baker), though bought in to help, only serve to bring the family’s anxieties into sharper focus. When Edward’s father is delayed, the unspoken forces of absence and loss bring the family’s buried anger and repressed tension to the surface.  

Archipelago is the second feature from acclaimed writer-director Joanna Hogg, following the award-winning Unrelated.