• Directed by Stephen Chow
  • Starring Stephen Chow, Yuen Wah, Yuen Qiu, Danny Chan, and Eva Huang
  • Odyssey 2023 Film Festival
  • 2004 | 90mins | Hong Kong SAR, China | (15)

1940s Shanghai: the dangerous Axe Gang are running rampant over the city. Only Pigsty Alley, one of the city’s slums, is willing to stand up to them. A petty thief called Sing (Stephen Chow) tries to get into the gang, complicating matters for everyone.

Curator’s Recommendation:

An international sensation in the early 2000s, Kung Fu Hustle pushes Chow’s ambitions to dazzling peaks, combining Looney Tunes-style CGI, stunning 1940s production design and a goofy love letter to Hong Kong action movies. Come for Chow, stay for a who’s who of kung fu character actors like Chiu Chi Ling and “Brucesploitation” legend Bruce Leung!

“The supreme achievement of the modern age in terms of comedy.” - Bill Murray

A pre-screening introduction will be provided by the curators.

This screening is part of Odyssey 2023 film festival (26 May – 30 June)’s Stephen Chow in Focus programme, curated by Daniel Montesinos-Donaghy and Riley Wong.