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  • Directed by Nicolette Bucknor
  • Starring Clyde R Jones, Benzly Hype, Renaldo Kirby, Kemar Williams, Ellan Neil, Tamara Bailey
  • Premiere w/ Director Introduction
  • 2022 | 97mins | UK, Jamaica | (12A)

NCB Films invites you to the Premiere Screenings of NO TURNING BACK, showing as part of a very Limited Release,  featuring Short Introduction by Director Nicolette Bucknor on Sunday 29th May.

Set in Kingston, Jamaica, this is an emotional and thought-provoking crime drama. The movie follows Hakeem Brown, a 17yr old aspiring student, who lives with his mother and sister. Hakeem decides that he wants to leave Jamaica and attend a university abroad.

However, just as things were going well, his world is turned upside down when a loved one is brutally murdered. With the police already under intense pressure and overloaded with crime, Hakeem feels the police are not doing enough to solve the case.

As weeks pass without any arrests, Hakeem becomes more and more desperate for answers. In his search for justice, he receives information about the person responsible.

Despite being raised not to take the law into his own hands, Hakeem continues to doubt the ability of the police, and struggles with the decision of whether or not to tell the police what he knows. As things begin to spiral out of his control, how far will he go for justice?

For every choice we make there is a consequence, and sometimes there’s NO TURNING BACK!