DAISIES (Sedmikrásky)

DAISIES (Sedmikrásky)

  • Directed by Vera Chytilová
  • Starring Jitka Cerhová, Ivana Karbanová
  • 1966 | 76mins | Czechoslovakia | (15)

Věra Chytilová’s classic of surrealist cinema is the most adventurous and anarchic Czech movie of the 1960s.

Two young women, both named Marie, revolt against a degenerate, decayed and oppressive society, attacking symbols of wealth and bourgeois culture. A riotous, punk-poem of a film that is both hilarious and mind-warpingly innovative, it has influenced generations of filmmakers.

Defiant feminist statement? Nihilistic, avant-garde comedy? Daisies remains a fascinating cinematic rollercoaster. Remarkable and refreshingly uncompromising, it continues to provoke, stimulate and entertain.