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  • Directed by Michael Flatley
  • Starring Michael Flatley, Eric Roberts and Patrick Bergin
  • 2018 | 88mins | UK | (15)

BLACKBIRD is the debut feature film from Michael Flatley (Lord of the Dance) in which he also stars as Victor Blackley, an ex-MI6 operative who is pulled back into the world he left when an agent connected to his past turns up to his place of business in Barbados.  

BLACKBIRD was produced by Glen Kirby and Jed Tune (Off Piste, The Pugilist) for Dancelord Pictures and West One Entertainment and co-produced by Five Knight Films (Cardboard Gangsters) and Parachute Film Studios.


An MI6 operative named Victor Blackley turns his back on the agency after his fiancée is killed on a mission gone wrong.  Sometime later, he finds himself as the owner of ‘The Blue Moon’, a prestigious hotel in Barbados that acts as a safe haven for international criminals to complete under the table dealings.  Though, after years of turning his head to his guest’s business, he is pulled back in to the world he left when a former agent connected to his past turns up as part of a small party, who have come to conduct business on his grounds.  What begins as a chance encounter that reignites an old flame quickly becomes a life or death struggle to sa