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  • Directed by Alberto Vázquez
  • BFI London Film Festival 2022
  • 2022 | 93mins | Spain, France | (15)

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Alberto Vasquez’s animated anti-war tale follows a group of teddy-bear soldiers as they enter a magic forest with the intention of killing unicorns, who they believe pose a terrible threat.

The new recruits of the Little Bear Army may look like colourful and fluffy creatures on the outside, but they are in training to respond violently to the reported threat that unicorns pose to their way of life. In church, they are taught that bears are God’s true creation and that the only good unicorns are dead ones. We follow the bears through the various stages of their training, leading to their operation in the magic forest, home to unicorns and soon to be site of unimaginable horror. Vasquez (Psychonauts: The Forgotten Children, LFF 2015) creates a film that is both funny and shocking, presenting a fascinating, animated take on the dangers of religious zealotry and the futility of war. Implausibly yet successfully straddling a line between The Care Bears Movie and Apocalypse Now, Unicorn Wars is unlike any film you will have seen and not easily forgotten. - Justin Johnson

Spanish Language with English Subtitles