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  • Directed by Fridtjof Ryder
  • Starring Rory Alexander, Mark Rylance, Kathryn Hunter
  • BFI London Film Festival 2022
  • 2022 | 82mins | UK | (15)

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This strange, enigmatic and engrossing thriller finds a troubled young man returning to his hometown in the wake of his mother’s disappearance.

Fridtjof Ryder makes a striking, boldly cinematic debut with this intense puzzle piece. Tensions, repressed memories and desires threaten to surface when a young man (Rory Alexander) is released from psychiatric hospital. Elegantly shot, intuitively edited, and expertly sound-mixed with a haunting score, Ryder conjures an experience that moves with the logic of a nightmare, building towards an unforgettable, strangely moving conclusion. Making vivid use of location filming in the heart of Gloucestershire, this refreshingly offbeat film draws heavily from the work of David Lynch, Nicolas Roeg and rural horror cinema, but has a mood and feel entirely of its own. Shot on a micro-budget and featuring superb performances from newcomer Alexander and Mark Rylance, this is exciting filmmaking from a new voice in British cinema. - Paul Ridd