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  • Directed by JUNG Bum-shik
  • Starring CHOI Ji-woo, LEE Yu-mi, CHOI Min-ho
  • BFI London Film Festival
  • 2022 | 112mins | South Korea | (15)

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Six tales of loneliness, romance and brutal murder interconnect in this ingenious horror-comedy set in social media-obsessed, post-pandemic Seoul.

The portmanteau horror film hasn’t been in fashion for a while now, but this riotous midnight-movie cracker from South Korea’s Jung Bum-shik is a cool throwback to the genre’s 60s British heyday. Unspooling in discrete chapters, starting with the story of a vulnerable woman being creeped out by a leery handyman in her apartment late at night, it seems at first to be a series of vignettes inspired by the strangeness of lockdown. By the third chapter things start to become far stranger – characters return and their stories impact on each other’s in ever more macabre ways. After that, it’s up to the viewer to piece it all together. New Normal combines the feral fun of Damián Szifron’s Wild Tales with the whip-smart jigsaw storytelling of Doug Liman’s Go. - Damon Wise

Korean Language with English Subtitles