GOODBYE FIRST LOVE [Un amour de jeunesse]

GOODBYE FIRST LOVE [Un amour de jeunesse]

  • Directed by Mia Hansen-Løve
  • Starring Lola Créton, Sebastian Urzendowsky, Magne-Håvard Brekke
  • 2011 | 105mins | France, Germany | (15)

Acclaimed filmmmaker Mia Hansen Løve follows the critically acclaimed Father of My Children with this loosely autobiographical account of what she has described as the 'defining and central' part of her adolescence. Touching and tender yet heartbreakingly powerful, it perfectly captures the complexities and emotional intensity of teenage passion with a graceful, lyrical touch that has won over audiences and critics alike.

In the Paris winter of 1999 Camille (Lola Créton) is 15 and Sullivan is 19. Although they love each other passionately, Sullivan wants to go travelling for a year - a plan that fills Camille with despair. At the end of the summer, Sullivan leaves and a few months later he stops writing to Camille. Fast forward four years and Camille is fully devoted to her architectural studies when she meets a well-known architect, Lorenz, who restores her self-confidence and they fall in love. It is then that Sullivan and Camille once more cross paths.

Charting a relationship over ten years, Goodbye First Love follows Camille as she moves from the ecstasy of youthful passion, through heartbreak to maturity and finding her place in the world.