DAD [Tata]

DAD [Tata]

  • Directed by Anna Maliszewska
  • Starring Polina Gromova, Eryk Lubos, Yevheniia Muts, Seriej Solovyov, Marta Malikowska
  • KINOTEKA 2023 Polish Film Festival
  • 2022 | 110mins | Poland | (15)

Single dad trucker Michal depends on his Ukrainian neighbour to look after his daughter Miska. When the nanny dies suddenly he goes back on the road with a different point of view. Award winning actor Eryk Lubos expertly holds our attention (and gives us space to smile) as he navigates the challenges of parenting a young girl and transporting a dead body across borders.

A Polish Ukrainian co-production in development before the Russian invasion TATA tackles some of the social history between the two nations as well as imagining what the future might be for their youth. However the core of this free-spirited road movie lies in the journey of Michal who is forced to grow up fast as an active parent, decide what is most important to him and take responsibility for the future. 

Presented as part of KINOTEKA 2023 Polish Film Festival