• Directed by Lukasz Kowalski
  • KINOTEKA 2023 Polish Film Festival
  • 2021 | 81mins | Poland | (15)

An international festival favourite (premiering at CPH:DOX) this is a bleak but hilarious doc/comedy. Wiesek runs Poland’s largest Pawnshop with his wife Jola. It used to be a profitable business but times have changed and they are struggling - big time. Determined to find a way out they tour the deprived neighbourhood and pitch a new idea, one that might help everyone - they launch an auction.

Director Kowalski has a good eye for drama in everyday situations, drawing us into the precarious world of the couple, their young employees and their vulnerable clientele revealing a sensitive caring heart amidst the jostle for business. Watch out for Jola’s incredible fuchsia pink nails! 

Presented as part of KINOTEKA 2023 Polish Film Festival