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  • Directed by Corey Yuen
  • Starring Michelle Yeoh, Cynthia Rothrock
  • 1985 | 93mins | Hong Kong | (18)

Michelle Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock stunned audiences with their incredible athleticism and stunt work in the first of the Yes Madam! / In the Line of Duty series of films.

Produced by Sammo Hung and John Sham, the film is full of incredible set-pieces typical of Hong Kong 80s and 90s action.

Michelle Yeoh (pre Crouching Tiger fame) and Cynthia Rothrock (in her debut film) are a couple of tough-as-nails police inspectors investigating the murder of a British agent.

Their case leads them to a pair of unlucky thieves (Mang Hoi and John Shum) who need protection from a ruthless crime boss (James Tien).

Launching the sub-genre of “Girls with Guns” a genre which did not truly exist before this film, Yes Madam is one of the most important and influential action films of its era.