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  • Directed by John Barnard
  • Starring John B. Lowe, Onalee Ames, Josh Strait
  • UK PREMIERE • Sci-Fi London Film Festival 2023
  • 2023 | 87mins | Canada | (18)

In a remote post-apocalyptic northern city where many of the population are depressive zombie-like automatons, Beth, a volunteer watchman is tasked with reporting sightings of “strays,” who are captured and taken to a secure facility. She hopes to find her father among the Strays.

In this bleak, endless winter Beth has myriad one-night stands yet whilst everyone around her slowly seems to be getting infected, Beth discovers that by entering an alternative dimension through her post-coital dreams, she’s able to stave off the illness, but for how long?

Wintertide sits somewhere between an allegory for the pandemic, a contemplation on depression, and a comment on an over-medicated society.

This performance will be followed by a Post-Film Q&A with Director John Barnard