• Directed by Vincent Kok and Stephen Chow
  • Starring Stephen Chow, Carina Lau, Carman Lee
  • Odyssey 2023 Film Festival
  • 1996 | 89mins | British Hong Kong | (12A)

An imperial agent gets ridiculed for his various inventions, until his supportive wife encourages him to attend a conference. The conference is actually a trap to kill all the doctors serving the emperor, where the agent’s crazy inventions come in handy.

Curator’s Recommendation: 

An inspired parody of both wuxia and spy movies (listen out for a familiar-sounding theme song), Forbidden City Cop also marks the directorial debut of his regular co-star Vincent Kok. A box office hit, the film also stars Wong Kar-Wai regular Carina Lau as Chow’s loyal wife.

A pre-screening introduction will be provided by the curators.

This screening is part of Odyssey 2023 film festival (26 May – 30 June)’s Stephen Chow in Focus programme, curated by Daniel Montesinos-Donaghy and Riley Wong.