• Directed by Jacques Rivette
  • Starring Bulle Ogier, Jean-Pierre Kalfon, Josée Destoop
  • 1969 | 255mins | France | (15)

Sebastian (Jean-Pierre Kalfon, Weekend) is staging an adaptation of Racine’s tragedy, Andromaque while a film crew captures their rehearsals on handheld 16mm.

The production’s star and Sebastian’s girlfriend, Claire (Bulle Ogier, Out 1), cannot take the pressure and removes herself. Life imitates art, creating a tragedy for the couple when Sebastian recasts the role with his ex. L’amour fou is a hypnotic study of tempestuous love, told with director Jacques Rivette’s signature reflexivity and containing striking examinations of performance, art, theatre and life. 

A classic of the French New Wave and one of Rivette’s most radical works, L’amour fou was unavailable for years, with the original elements tragically burned in a fire. 

Now meticulously restored, Radiance Films is proud to present this masterpiece from a new 4K restoration.