• Directed by Various
  • 2024 | 81mins | (18)

A revamped Britney Spears, half-human creatures, and mountains of crawling avatars frolic together in this programme of artist moving image films that queer the concept of ‘the monstrous’.

In these works by queer Southeast and East Asian artists, the ‘monster’ figures as a rejection of assimilationist expectations to be normal, legible, or obedient. Whether chaotic or gentle, horny or yearning, haunting or shocking, these ‘monsters’ relish in the opportunities to reworld that being an outcast provides. Reconciling with the monstrosity within is catalysed into a beacon of dissenting hope, a chance for embodied catharsis, and a survival strategy towards liberation.


The Function of Fiction is the Abstraction and Simulation of Social Experience

The Function of Fiction abandons temptations to define “asexuality” and its place in the context of “LGBTQIA+”, in pursuit of new socialities and possibilities.

Mac Andre Arboleda | 2021 | Philippines | 4 min  



wūûūwūûū is an animation constantly in flux. Through vivid drawings and multi-textural vocal sounds, it considers identity, hybridity and future livability.

Rae-Yen Song | 2021 | UK | 3 min


I Am a Horse  

What happens when the magnificent she-horse arrives to the Korean patriarchal society?

Chaerin Im | 2022 | South Korea | 8 min




In the COVID-19 pandemic, mirrored fatality transverses through planet earth as international multi-hyphenated artists & farmers. BIOME(TRICS) is an eco_apocalyptic_survival_hit to fortify themselves towards food sovereignty & the collapse of the exploitative surveillance state. EARTHBODY(S) is a prayer and their reflections from leaving the concrete jungle and restoring in sacred lands, regenerative farms, community gardens, and QTBIPOC (Queer Trans Black Indigenous People of Color) sanctuary projects on Indigenous land. EARTHBODY(S) ft Queen Hollins is an immersive journey about how we are stripped from our ancestral lands and pushed into cities suffering from COVID-19, food apartheid, the police state, and environmental racism.

mirrored fatality | 2022 | USA | 7 min


Tentacle Eyes

In the telling of a story about an underground kingdom, a pair of ambiguously related lovers also seem to be traveling back to their own past.

Yuqing Lin | 2023 | UK | 9 min


Flesh Nest

A nine-part sci-fi video series illustrating a post-apocalyptic digital multiverse.

Andrew Thomas Huang | 2018 | USA | 9 min



A collective aberration from the oppressive banality of everyday life.

Jas Lin | 2021 | USA | 3 min


Bold Eagle

Trapped at home with hallucinogenic drugs and his talking cat, BOLD seeks refuge in the strong arms of strange men from the internet as they masturbate their way to true happiness.

Whammy Alcarazen | 2022 | Philippines | 16 min


The Princess and the Magic Birds

One night, two enchanted birds fly in through the window of a sleeping adolescent boy. Perching upon his ear, these magical creatures recount fantastic and peculiar folk tales into the teenager’s mind, as if speaking directly into his dreams. Relating an erotic fable of an Arabian princess who escapes her palace to spend lurid evenings with common men, the birds entice the young man toward his own desire.

Fuyuhiko Takata |  2021 | Japan | 18 min


Leave Britney Alone!

A fan-made music video based on the song ‘Circus’ by Britney Spears.

Fuyuhiko Takata | 2009 | Japan | 4 min