• Directed by Nicholas Ray
  • Starring Joan Crawford, Sterling Hayden, Mercedes McCambridge
  • presented by Funeral Parade Queer Film Society
  • 1954 | 110mins | USA | (PG)

No-nonsense saloonkeeper Vienna (Joan Crawford) owns a watering hole frequented by hard-drinking outlaws like the Dancin' Kid (Scott Brady) and gunslinger Johnny Guitar (Sterling Hayden). When a nearby bank robbery results in a man's death, moral crusader Emma Small (Mercedes McCambridge) rallies the townsfolk to seek retribution at Vienna's saloon.

Crawford’s subversively androgynous turn as Vienna is unforgettable, and helped to cement Johnny Guitar’s reputation as a proto-feminst classic. Presented in eye-popping technicolor, Nicholas Ray’s gender-bending, homoerotic western is a perennial camp favourite and a prime example of Old Hollywood’s queer undercurrents.

Independent film programmer Funderal Parade (Sarah Cleary) is proud to present the Funeral Parade Queer Film Society, a series of screenings exploring LGBTQ+ themes and stories on film.