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  • Directed by Pablo Behrens
  • Starring Owen Drake, Caitlin Harris, Chris Wellington, Lauren Harris, Emily Seale-Jones, Olly Warrington, William Chubb.
  • Format: Digital
  • 2018 | 108mins | UK | rated (12)

A story of love, life, music and the Bomb with the backdrop of Soho in 1959 just before the Swinging Sixties.  Everything we are today we owe it to the bunch of anti-heroes you will see on screen.

With the world on the brink of nuclear destruction, a group of filmmakers and a young philosopher set out to prove that a typewriter and a camera are mightier than the bomb or anything else society can throw at them.

They are running away from the world. Their refuge is Soho. As a result, they form their own secret society totally divorced from the rest of city.  They develop their own rules, their own lifestyles and values.  But it will soon turn out that the new generation will follow on their footsteps only a few years later.   This is the first time that this original group of people is remembered on film. They never asked for the limelight, they have it now.

What should seemingly powerless individuals do when the world goes mad? What should you do when surrounded by scary fog and shadows, smoke and mirrors? The Soho misfits of that decade include a count fallen on hard times, a vagrant with an iron foot, an artist with a big chip on his shoulder, street hostesses, a mad actor-fencer, writers, hard workers, drinkers and chancers.  But they were much better than what the outside world had to offer.

ADRIFT IN SOHO took years of research to find out what really happened in those last few years before the 60s began.  The result is a film full of wonderment but also a film that makes you think and demands your attention because the characters are talking to you and not just trying to make you dream.  The visuals include a new 'Colours of Soho' palette never before seen on film..