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  • Directed by Mike Hodges
  • Starring Mel Smith, Griff Rhys Jones, Joanne Pearce
  • w/LIVE Q&A with writer/star GRIFF RHYS JONES & director MIKE HODGES
  • 1985 | 125mins | UK | rated (PG)

presented by The Forgotten Film Club

Morons From Outer Space is the great, forgotten British Sci-fi Comedy Epic. Hot off the success of Not The Nine O'Clock News, Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones scored a sizeable budget and a legendary director (Mike Hodges - Get Carter/Flash Gordon) to bring their satire of sci-fi cinema to the big screen.

Telling the story of three stupid aliens (Jimmy Nail, Joanne Pearce & Paul Bown) who accidentally crash land their rental spaceship on the M1, just outside Hatfield, Morons is a criminally overlooked comedy which, in the years since it failed to make a box office impact, has become increasingly relevant. Weirdly prescient of today's idiotic politics and banal celebrity culture, the three heroes defy attempted cover-ups by the British and American governments to become drunken global superstars, protected by their manager Graham Sweetley (Rhys Jones) and pursued by the friend they abandoned in deep space (Smith). With Hodges deft direction, there are plenty of cynical British barbs against the Spielbergian vision of magic in the stars as it raises the question "If there is life on other planets, what if it's as rubbish as life on Earth?"

Following last year's publication of the book The Forgotten Film Club: Morons From Outer Space by Jon Spira, Griff and Mike will follow the screening with an on-stage discussion and Q&A chaired by Jon in which they will reveal the fascinating story of the troubled production and box office disappointment of the film.

The book will be on sale in the bar before/after the film