• Directed by John Carpenter
  • Starring Amber Heard, Mamie Gummer, Danielle Panabaker
  • 2010 | 90mins | USA | rated (15)

1966. Night. As a storm approaches the North Bend Psychiatric Hospital, something unseen walks the halls of the isolation ward. It closes in on the small bare room of a distressed young woman. As the storm peaks and the lighting strikes outside, the young girl SCREAMS in terror.

As dawn breaks the next day, another young woman, Kristen, disheveled and disoriented, sets fire to an abandoned farmhouse. Captured by the local police, she is remanded to North Bend where she is processed and taken to the isolation ward - the same place we have just witnessed the other young woman terrified beyond words...

In the ward, Kristen meets the other patients: Zooey, childlike and withdrawn; Iris, artistic, prim and proper; flirtatious Sarah and the group's free spirit, Emily. A private session with Dr. Stringer, the chief psychiatrist, reveals that Kristen can't remember anything before her arrival at the hospital. That night she attempts to escape but is caught by an orderly. When she awakens later, she sees a figure peering in at her through the mesh window in her door. When she tries to talk to anyone about the figure walking the halls, they turn away-a conspiracy of silence.

While Kristen is unsure how she got there or why, she is certain that Ward has a dark secret at its core that freezes the girls into silence and she's determined to get out-even if it's alone. The other girls talk about patients who got out or left previously. Kristen finds clues to the existence of Alice and Tammy. But nobody will say what happened to them or where they went. And when Kristen is attacked in the shower by the same ghostly figure she saw earlier, she knows the others didn't leave the Ward alive.