What safety elements have you incorporated against Covid-19?

The health and well-being of our employees and customers is our priority.

We will have the following measures implemented for your return:

•        Face coverings are still required at The PCC.

•        Encouraging online and phone bookings, to reduce personal interaction.

•        Encouraging contactless payments when on site.

•        Social Distancing measures throughout the venue and one-way flow.

•        Staggered film times, to reduce overcrowding in the venue.

•        Enhanced staff training.

•        Hand Sanitising Stations throughout the venue.

•        Enhanced cleaning of the venue with disinfectant products.

•        Protective screens at till points.

•        Face coverings and visors prvided for staff as part of their uniform.

•        Enhanced ventilation in both auditoriums.

What happens to the air in the auditorium?

The air in our auditoriums is replaced a minimum of eight times every hour. The air is drawn in through filters that are regurarly treated with X-Mist an atmospheric sanitiser.

During the performance we will also filter the air in the auditorium through our newly purchased Hospital grade air purifiers. The unique aspect of the Rensair air purifiers is that unlike normal air purifiers, they don’t only filter the air in the room, they also have Ultraviolet lamps within the unit that kill Coronavirus. The five Rensair air purifying units that have been purchased at great cost, is one of the ways that make us feel we are going over and above what is expected of us in our efforts to provide the safest possible environment for both our customers and staff. For more information visit:

Will face coverings be required?

Yes! Face coverings are mandatory unless you are eating or drinking.

 As of the 19th of July, face coverings will no longer be a legal requirement, but they will still be mandatory at The PCC.  

We have limited space in the venue’s public areas so you may be in close proximity to others when moving around the cinema. Keep your face covering in place and only remove it when sitting in our auditoriums eating or drinking. Let us show respect toward fellow cinema-goers and staff, and work together to keep each other safe!

 All staff will be supplied with face coverings or visors as part of their uniform.

We are mindful of the fact that there are people who may be less able to wear a face covering due to disabilities and other non-visible health conditions and our wish is to create an environment where everyone feels safe and welcome. Please be considerate of your fellow cinema-goers.

We are supporting the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower.

Can I buy tickets at the box office?

Yes once we reopen our doors you will be able to purchase tickets over the counter, but we strongly encourage you to book in advance and online or over the phone. There will be a limited amount of tickets available on the day due to reduced capacity. Get your tickets online before they're gone!

Will Food and drinks still be available at the venue?

Yes, we will be serving soft and alcoholic drinks, popcorn and snacks as normal.

Will you be supporting the COVID-19 Contact Tracing Scheme?

Yes, as per current guidance we need to collect basic contact information such as name and contact number or email address.

We will not share any personal details! The data will not be shared with any external companies, other than the NHS and only if requested by the Government. We will hold this data for 21 days, before permanently deleting it.

Can I cancel my booking?

From 1st October 2021 all ticket sales are non-refundable.

If you or a member of your household has symptoms of Covid-19 please do not come to the cinema.

We can move your tickets to a different date or performance of your choice of lesser or equal value. Alternatively, we can issue a credit note against the value of your tickets which is valid for 18 months and can be used to book tickets online or over the counter. Please note we require at least 24h notice to be able to swap tickets or issue credit notes.

Please email and our team will be able to assist.

I have an annual membership and I feel I've missed out. Help.

All annual memberships affected by the closure have received an extension to cover the days lost. You can view the expiry date of your membership by logging in here.

What about Sing-a-long events and marathons that we love so much?

We are very sad we had to cancel all 2020 & 2021 Sing-a-long and Quote-a-long performances. We feel that the social distancing measures we would need to maintain, in light of the global pandemic and government guidelines, would impact the quality of the shows considering the nature of these interactive events.

But we are planning to bring them back as soon as we can!

Our all-nighter marathons are back on, view them here!

I have tickets for a performance that was affected by the COVID19 closure. What do I do?

All ticket holders will be contacted individually regarding performance cancellations and will be offered a full refund, credit note, or swap to a different performance.

We are a rather small team working on these changes, so bear with us if you haven't received your email yet. We appreciate your patience!

I don't want a refund. Can I get a credit note instead?

Yes, absolutely! We love credit notes.

I have a credit note, how do I make use of it?

You can use your credit note online to book tickets or over the counter at the box office against tickets or concession. Simply click on 'Redeem Gift Voucher' at checkout and enter your code. Credit note codes take the form of V-123-ABC-XYZ.  Any change will be issued as a new voucher code in your confirmation email.

What can I do to support the cinema?

The best way to support us is by purchasing a Membership, Gift Membership, Gift Voucher, or some of our brand new Merch! We've got exclusive t-shirts, mugs, socks, and more. Go on. Treat yourself. And finally, just promise to come back and see us when we reopen in October!

Can I pay by cash?

We are going cashless. We will be accepting card and contactless payments only.

Covid-19 Measures After the 19th of July

As you may have heard, yesterday the government announced the plan to lift the remaining restrictions in England. So we’d like to give you an update on our plan.

From Monday the 19th of July, all shows will go back to full capacity. But don’t panic! Our Covid-19 fighting measures will stay in place even after this date. We will continue with:

• Our increased ventilation of our auditoriums.

• Staggered film start times to ease overcrowding.

•Enhanced cleaning of the cinema.

• Hand Sanitising stations will remain around the venue.

• Protective screens between customers and staff.

• Our hospital grade covid killing air purifiers remain in each auditorium.

• Card only payments onsite to reduce touch points.

• Staff will continue to wear face coverings.

What will change is that, by law, our customers will not be required to wear a face covering - but we would implore you to wear one anyway. We have limited space in the venue’s public areas so you may be in close proximity to others when moving around the cinema. We ask that you keep your face covering in place and only remove it when sitting in our auditoriums eating or drinking. Let us show respect toward fellow cinema-goers and staff, and work together to keep each other safe.

If you booked tickets before the government’s announcement, please be aware that the socially distanced seating will no longer be in place after the 19th. This means that all seats will be available for purchase, and where there was once a seat on furlough there may now be other customers. Allocated seating will remain, so your seats will stay the same.

We cannot thank you enough for your support this past year and a half. We look forward to spending many more years with you in the best movie house on Leicester Place. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to get in touch at


Where are you located?

We are at 7 Leicester Place at the north east corner of Leicester Square, just up from the Angus Steakhouse. Closest tube stations are Leicester Square and Picadilly Circus. Check out our home page for a map.

What time do you open?

The Box Office opens 15 minutes before the first film of the day.

Doors close 20 minutes after the last film has begun.

When can I get into the screen?

Doors to the screen open 10 minutes before the advertised time.

Please note that  you may be asked to queue outside until the screen is ready. This is to help everyone maintain social distance.

Is this the Leicester Square Theatre/where is the Leicester Square Theatre?

No, we are not. When facing the cinema if you look over to your right, that doorway with all the LEICESTER SQUARE THEATRE signs is the Leicester Square Theatre.


Performance Start Times

All films start 10 minutes after the advertised time. For interactive screenings, such as our Sing-A-Long-A shows, the pre-show / introductions start at the exact advertised time.  

Late Arrivals

We allow admissions up to 10 minutes after the film has started/ 20 minutes after the advertised time.

Please be aware that once the film has started the management reserves the right to refuse admission to latecomers in order to minimize disturbance.

For busy screenings, latecomers maybe be asked to sit towards the back of the cinema.

Phone Usage

Please turn your phone off and refrain from checking it for the duration of the films performance.

Yes the light may be dim to you, but it is distracting to others so please keep it in your pocket. Twitter will still be there when the film has finished. Promise.

We want to keep our screens a 100% phone-free environment once the film has started.

If we catch you using your phone, you will be politely asked to put it away.  If you're a repeat offender you may be asked to leave the screen, even if you're one of the only people in the screen.

And it goes without saying that all photography, audio and video recording are not permitted in the screen once the film has started.  I know it may be tempting to grab a photo of the films title-card for 'the gram', but not only is it distracting for others it's also illegal!

Food & Drink

Only food & drink purchases on site may be consumed within our screen so no sneaking in entire pizzas or two litre bottles of pop!

If you're attending one of our all-nighters, these rules cant be bent a little to help you make it through the night. We do have a zero-tollerance policy on hot, smelly or noisey food as they annoy those around you - but for more insight, have a peek at our handy ALL NIGHTER : FAQ's, HOUSE RULES & TIPS pdf.


You are not permitted to consume alcohol not purchased on site. Consumption of alcohol not purchased on site is against the cinema's licence.

Our bar is open throughout the day, and we offers a HUGE variety of stock.

Respect our Staff

ALL of our staff deserve to be treated kindly and with respect.  

Aggressive or rude behaviour towards any member of our team will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave and may be banned from the premises.

Respect your fellow cinema-goers

We ask that you refrain from talking, using your phone, rustling through bags or doing anything which may cause a disturbance to those around you. Once the performane has started our ushers may kindly ask you to put your phone away or stop talking.

We all want to have the best possible experience when visiting the cinema, so we all need to play our part in making that happen.

If there is any issue in the screen which is impeding on your experience, please speak to an Usher [yes, we have those] or the Duty Manager on site who will be able to assist.


We know it's a rarity in the West End, but we have staff members on site and in-screen dedicated to helping you have the best experience possible.

If there is a problem whilst you're here [noisy patron, phone usage during the film, too hot or cold] simply have a quick word with them and they will do their best to make things beter.

We want to do our best for you in real-time rather than after the fact, so please don't fear the Usher. They're here to help.


E-Cigarettes / Vaping is not permitted anywhere on site.


When do films start?

All regular performances start 10 minutes after the advertised time. Hosted pre-shows for Sing-alongs start at the advertised time.

When will a certain film play?

We usually try and screen films as soon as we can, but it is usually limited by how well a film is performing elsewhere.

Is my performance FILM or DIGITAL?

If the film is being presented from 35mm or 70mm, there will be a green box next to the time with either 35mm or 70mm.  If there is no box, the performance is Digital.  

Why don't you programme further ahead?

The programme has to be kept as fresh as possible, so we limit ourselves to only having 2 weeks programmed at any stage. This means we can nab new films as and when they become available. The rep programme is booked much earlier and can be up to two months in advance.

How do I find out about performance changes?

We reserve the right to make changes to our programme when required.  If you have purchased a ticket for a performance which has either been cancelled, had the time or screen changed we will email all ticket holders to let them know.

All changes that have been made to our forthcoming programme can be found HERE. 

Do you have a way of requesting films online?

No, but we have a rather large blackboard in our bar, so feel free to leave your amazing film ideas here next time you visit.

What do the film ratings mean?

U - Suitable for anyone

PG - Parental Guidance

12A - Suitable for 12 years and over but anybody under 12 can be admitted if someone over 18 is present

15 - Suitable for 15 years and over

18 - Suitable for 18 years and over

Do you offer Captioned/Subtitled performances for the deaf and hard of hearing?

We are aiming to add more HOH subtitled performances for the latest films in our New Release programme. These performances provide a transcription of the audio from a film, displayed at the bottom of the cinema screen. Along with the dialogue from the film, the subtitles include non-dialogue audio such as "(sighs)" or "(door creaks)" to ensure people who are deaf or hard of hearing can enjoy the full film plot. These screenings may also benefit those with English as a second language.

HOH subtitled screenings are programmed on a weekly basis, but not all films are provided with a captioned track, so some weeks we may have fewer subtitled screenings as a result.

These performances will be marked "HOH" next to the performance time.


Can I buy tickets in advance?

Yes, you can book tickets for anything in our programme online, over the counter or over the phone at any point.

You can call our Box Office on 020 7494 3654 between 1pm and 8.30pm. Please be aware that during busy screenings the box office team may be unable to answer your call on your first attempt.

For any ticket enquiries please email

How much do tickets cost?


Mon - Fri Matinees : £6 / £10

Eves / W'ends / Bank Hols : £11 / £13.50


Mon - Fri Matinees : £6 / £10

Eves / W'end : £10 / £12.50


Repertory Films : £7.50 / £10

70mm Presentations : £11 / £13.50

Weekend Repertory Films : £10 / £12.50

Sing-A-Long-A :  £14.50 / £17

Special Events [Marathons, Double & Triple Features etc] : Priced Accordingly

Lower Price is for Members!

Please note there is a 75p booking fee per ticket purchased online.

Child tickets, which are only available for select performances, are valid for customers aged 15 and under. Performances with no Child ticket displayed on the website, are performances where no Child ticket is available.

Do I need a physical ticket, can’t I just show you my booking reference?

You no longer need to print a physical ticket as we can scan the QR code from the booking confirmation email at the doors of the screen.

If you do not have the confirmation email or the QR code isn't showing we can still print your ticket using the booking reference number or card you paid with.

Is there a student/ senior discount?

Not on tickets, however we offer our annual membership at concession rate, so you can join and save on tickets that way!

Concession counts as Students, OAP's, Cinema Exhibitors Association Registered Disabled, or unemployed and costs £7.50.

Concession Memberships are available over the counter only.

Do you offer discounts for disabled people?

On recommendation from the government, we will give a complimentary ticket for a carer to anyone in posession of a Cinema Exhibitors Association card or anyone with a registered carer card.

Our online booking system does not allow for CEA / complimentary tickets. Please email or call our Box Office on 0207 494 3654.

What can I use ADMIT1s for?

Admit Ones are not valid for Special screenings such as Sing-A-Long-As, All-Night Marathons, Triple or Double Features & any screenings with live Q&As / Intros.

All New Release films are Free-List Suspended which means that no Admit Ones/Complimentary tickets are accepted during the first week of release.

Every other screening in our programme is fine.

Please note that Admit Ones cannot be used online, they can be exchanged over the counter at the cinema's box office.

For any queries please email or call our Box Office on 0207 494 3654 and will try our best accommodate.

Is it really sold out? Will there by any returns?

Yes, if a show is marked as SOLD OUT then it means that there are no more tickets available.

Any returns will be automatically put back on sale, so make sure to regurarly check the website.

We do from time to time have returns on the night, so you are welcome to come down and wait to find out.

Is it allocated seating?

Yes! From October 2020 all performances have allocated and socially distanced seating.

Why are some tickets so cheap and others more expensive?

Well, the seasonal films we have are off general release, so we pay less rental and don't have to charge you as much. New Release ones are newer and still on general release (still playing at other venues), so they cost more to rent, and more to see. Special Events are more expensive as we put in a lot more work into making the shows happen.

Are there group discounts?

We don't as a rule have a group discount policy (though there is for certain Singalonga Shows). If you have a very large group, speak with one of the cinema's Duty Managers, and they will see if we can do you a deal.

Can I bring my baby?

Babies are generally welcome to performances with a PG or 12a certificate and if sat on the parents lap go for free. Please be aware this policy may change for special events.

Can I use American Express?

No, we accept all other credit and debit cards though. AmEx charges are just too high for us. Sorry!

Can I get a refund?

All ticket purchases are final, tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded.

Can I go out and come back in again without my ticket, will you remember me?

No, staff frequently get moved about within the venue so always keep you ticket on you if going to the loo, bar or kiosk.

Do you accept £50 notes?

We’ve recently seen a huge increase in the volume of fraudulent £50 notes coming our way, so at this moment in time we do not accept £50 notes. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Do you accept Compare The Meerkat 2for1?



How can I become a Member?

You can join online, over the phone or over the counter at box office. All we require is your name, surname and email address. Our memberships costs £10 for a year or £60 for a lifetime.

Have a look at our Membership section for full details and benefits of the scheme.

Can I buy a membership as a gift for someone?

Yes you can, either online or at the box office. If you purchase a Gift membership online you will receive an email voucher to download and print at home. To purchase a Gift membersip voucher click here.

All membership cards need to be collected from the venue.

Please note that Gift Vouchers expire 12 months after the purchase date.

I think my membership has run out but I'm not too sure and it doesn't tell me on the membership card - what do I do?!

You can view the expiry date of your membership by logging in online or simply by checking with our staff at the box office. You can also renew your membership in advance either online or over the counter. The new membership will automatically start when your current membership expires.

I've lost my membership card, do I need to buy a whole new membership?

If you have lost your card and the membership is still valid then we can issue a new card for you. Please note that there is a £3 card replacement fee.


You can only use the regular memberships for yourself. One member ticket per show is permitted under the terms of our regular membership scheme. However, we have just expanded our membership scheme to include 1up Memberships! With the 1Up memberships, you can bring a plus-one, to every screening!

Do I get discount on popcorn?

Yes! Members now get 15% off all drinks, popcorn and snacks.


How old do I have to be to attend an All Nighter?

Anyone aged under 16 will not be permitted to attend any All Night Movie Marathon - regardless of the age rating of the films.

Those aged 16 and 17 are welcome to attend any All Night Movie Marathon with a PG, 12a or 15 certificate.

Any All Night Movie Marathon rated 18, you must be 18 years of age or older to attend. 

We recommend that if you are fortunate to appear younger than you are, please bring along some I.D. for proof of age. The management reserves the right to refuse admission if proof of age is not possible, so we strongly urge you to pack it along with your toothbrush & comfy jumper. 

Can I arrive/ leave at any point?

Please note that we do not allow any admissions after midnight.

If you arrive more than 10 minutes after the feature has started you will be asked to wait in the foyer until the next break. You can leave the marathon at any point.

What time is the bar open until?

We are serving alcohol until 11pm, however we do from time to time have a late license for late screenings and marathons. Make sure to check the marathon's page for more information.

What time will the Kiosk be open until?

The kiosk will be open all through the evening and until the end of the marathon so you can purchase coffee, tea, soft drinks, popcorn and other snacks.

Can I go out and come back in again?

You are welcome to step outside for some fresh air, but our security will not allow anyone leaving the premises for more than 10 minutes back in the venue.


Do you sell anything savoury?

Salted popcorn and pretzel pieces!

Do I get discount on popcorn and/or soft drinks with my membership card?

YES! Members get 15% off all drinks, popcorn and snacks at kiosk and bar.

Do you have any Vegan snacks?

Please ask a member of staff as our range varies, however our popcorn is completely vegan!


How big are the screens?

Well, downstairs has 300 seats, upstairs 104. Both have nice big screens and booming sound.

Are there toilets upstairs?

No, toilets are located in the basement bar area.

Do you have disabled access?

We do not have disabled access at the moment as the council declined our request to put a stairlift in the building, and due to the narrowness of our staircase having a lift would be a violation of their Health & Safety guidelines.

Sadly the mechanics of the problem make it look like this might never be possible, but should this change we will update this section of the website asap.

Do you have a cloak room?

No, we do not have a cloakroom.

Due to the nature of the building, we are very limited in space. Suitcases, large bags and prams will not be allowed inside the screens, as they are deemed a fire hazard. Please ask a member of staff to assist with storing it.

No, we can't store your bicycle. There are areas nearby where you can lock your bicycle.

If you are visiting the cinema and will unavoidably have a larger item with you, please contact to give us a heads up. We will do our best to accommodate.

I think I left something behind in the auditorium! Do you have a lost property?

We do have a Lost Property. If you do happen to leave something behind (umbrellas and scarves are the most popular) please ask a member of staff to assist.

Please note that all lost property will be donated to a local charity after a 2 week period, unless we've received a written email from you stating an alternative date for collection.

Can I hire the cinema?

YES, we are available to hire to show your film, promote your product, host your conference or anything else you may come up with. Please visit the CINEMA HIRE page for more details.


Where is the Charlie Chaplin statue?

Westminster Council took it away to fix it and never brought it back... but we think it now sits in Leicester Square [at least it did at the time of writing this].

How do I join or leave the email list?

To join our Mailing List, click HERE

To unsubscribe there is a link at the bottom of the email which will enable you to leave the email list. No hard feelings. We promise.

How can I get a job at the Prince Charles Cinema?

Email your CV to or simply drop in a copy at the front desk for the attention of the Personnel Manager.

Can I have one of your posters?

No, because of our programme we tend to bring back old classic films quite often, so we keep all our best posters in a library in the basement. However once in a while we have a big clear out and give bundles away for free. You just have to beat the staff to the best ones.

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