The Prince Charles Cinema

Safe [1995]

  • 119mins
  • USA
  • (15)
  • Horror / Thriller
Directed by Todd Haynes Starring Julianne Moore, Xander Berkeley, Dean Norris, James LeGros, Kate McGregor-Stewart, Peter Friedman, Susan Norman

Funeral Parade Queer Film Society is proud to present Safe, Todd Haynes’ chilling work of creeping psychological horror.

Set against the backdrop of Ronald Regan’s America, the film follows Carol White, a housewife living out a picture-perfect upper middle class life in suburban Los Angeles. However, Carol’s placid existence is abruptly shattered when she becomes rapidly ill from an unidentified disease, a condition she comes to believe is caused by the environment that surrounds her. Often read as an allegory for the AIDS epidemic, Safe has become a classic of New Queer Cinema, as well as one of the most challenging films in Haynes’ singular body of work.

Tuesday 10th September