The Prince Charles Cinema

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Dont Look Back
1967 96mins USA (15) Concert Film
Directed by D. A. Pennebaker Starring Bob Dylan

In 1965, the iconic troubadour Bob Dylan toured the United Kingdom at the age of 23, and director D.A. Pennebaker was allowed behind the scenes to provide one of the most ...

1984 111mins USA (15) Concert Film
Directed by Albert Magnoli Starring Prince, Apollonia Kotero, Morris Day

A young musician, tormented by an abusive situation at home, must contend with a rival singer, a burgeoning romance, and his own dissatisfied band, as his star begins to rise.

2023 87mins USA (PG) Concert Film
Directed by Jonathan Demme Starring David Byrne, Chris Frantz, Jerry Harrison, Tina Weymouth, and Jerry Harrison

Newly restored in 4K to coincide with its 40th anniversary, the 1984 film was directed by renowned filmmaker Jonathan Demme and is considered by critics as the greatest ...

The Man Who Fell to Earth
138mins (18) Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Directed by Nicolas Roeg Starring David Bowie, Rip Torn, Candy Clark

Thomas Jerome Newton is an alien who has come to Earth in search of water to save his home planet. Aided by lawyer Oliver Farnsworth, Thomas uses his knowledge of advanced ...

1975 160mins USA (15) Musical
Directed by Robert Altman Starring Keith Carradine, Karen Black, Ronee Blakley

In this acclaimed Robert Altman drama, the lives of numerous people in the Tennessee capital intersect in unpredictable ways. Delbert Reese (Ned Beatty) is a lawyer and ...

The Napa State Tapes: The Cramps and the Mutants
2023 72mins (18) Documentary
Directed by Joe Rees|Mike Plante|Jason Willis

“Somebody told me you people are crazy, but I'm not so sure about that.... you seem to be all right to me." So says lead singer Lux Interior of The Cramps, challenging the ...

2020 105mins USA (12) Concert Film
Directed by Spike Lee Starring David Byrne, Tendayi Kuumba, Chris Giarmo, Angie Swan, Mauro Refosco, Jacquelene Acevedo

A filmed version of David Byrne's Broadway show, a unifying musical celebration that inspires audiences to connect to each other and to the global community.

Bound For Glory
1976 148mins USA (PG) Biography
Directed by Hal Ashby Starring David Carradine, Melinda Dillon, Ronny Cox

The Dust Bowl overtakes his native Oklahoma in the early 1930s, and struggling young musician Woody Guthrie (David Carradine) leaves his wife, Mary (Melinda Dillon), to join ...